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  • 8 years

    Eight years ago was my first day at Round Rock ISD. I had always wanted to work in K-12 education and was amazed I finally had a chance. My job? Grant coordinator. I was so excited and yet so scared at the same time. I knew it was my next step in my career but…

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  • All I know… so far

    Haven’t always been this wayI wasn’t born a renegadeI felt alone, still feel afraidI stumble through it anyway I wish someone would have told me that this life is ours to chooseNo one’s handing you the keys or a book with all the rulesThe little that I know I’ll tell to youWhen they dress you…

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  • Dear Dr. Rachel Martin

    Dear Dr. Rachel Martin, Today is the day you defended your dissertation. A day that seems like it would never come. A day you have looked to with excitement, anxiety, hesitation, stress.  A day many think is the pinnacle of all the work you have done. A few days ago, you asked me if I…

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  • Accepting it all

    Today, I had the honor of doing a virtual presentation for a large company. I had originally been connected with them through my work with AFSP, but today they asked me to speak on Women and Mental Health; We need boundaries… and boy did I need to hear my own words. The presentation started with…

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