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  • living authentically

    I pride myself on living authentically… I don’t pretend and I write off anyone who is not authentic. Too much of life is filled with those who are pretending to be something they are not. Social media and the prevalence of our lives being online only increase the rate of which people stop truly being […]

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  • Dear Governor Abbott,

    Dear Governor Abbott, I couldn’t help but see your tweet last week: Clearly money is not an issue for the state of Texas at this time… which for someone who works in mental health and education, I am excited to hear…. I am less excited to hear that your only thought is to cut taxes […]

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  • Look how far you’ve come…You filled your heart with love

    For some reason today, I can’t stop listening to the song, Try Everything. It has been on repeat for majority of today… I won’t give upNo, I won’t give in ’til I reach the endThen I’ll start againNo, I won’t leaveI wanna try everythingI wanna try even though I could fail When I got home […]

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  • A pearl and diamond necklace

    I think it was my 13th birthday. We were having dinner at County Line in Lubbock ( my favorite place to eat). My mom and dad gave me a pearl and diamond necklace. I loved it. It was beyond special to me and I reserved wearing it for special occasions…. I haven’t thought about this […]

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  • Cecilia J Bigbee 1953-1998

    When it is 1998 and your mom dies by suicide, you really don’t have much time to think. You definitely don’t have time to thoughtfully consider what you want her obituary to say. You go along with the standard because anything more would leave you paralyzed and unable to take a step forward. The guilt, […]

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  • My Birthday… Home

    Ever since my mom killed herself the day after my 19 birthday in 1998, my birthday has been complicated. I go from wanting to fully embrace the day to hide under a rock. I anticipate the conflicting emotions each year and no matter how much I prepare, I struggle. As much as I try to […]

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  • Hope… Help

    Over a month ago I was looking through pictures and one of our 8-year-old son stuck out to me. I must admit at the time, I was exhausted. This year has hit me to my core. I was weary, tired, and emotionally spent. When I saw this picture I immediately was renewed with hope. The […]

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  • Surviving… Thriving

    23 years ago I was almost 8 months into the journey of loosing my mom to suicide. If I am honest, I don’t really remember much from that year. I remember going to class and hanging out with friends. I remember my dad trying his hardest to continue traditions. You can say I was surviving… […]

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  • Being Real, Real Love

    Friday afternoon, it was official that the person I have worked under for over two years is leaving. The news came right as I was leaving to pick up K from after school care. I had tears streaming down my face as I drove to the school… but as he got into the car I […]

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  • 2 years, 24 months, 730 days

    Tomorrow will be 1,051,200 minutes since I was hired in my current positon as Director of Behavioral Health Services at Round Rock ISD. The day my hire was official I posted a blog about the journey to get to this point in my life… little did I know what was awaiting my journey. Two months […]

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