We were just fishin’

This last week we spent the holiday at a wonderful lake house my sister found. We knew we needed to do something different since my stepmom’s death is so recent and my dad’s heart is completely broken. Our decision of what to do was made for us when Keaton said he wanted Papa to take him fishing during the break.

My dad has always fished… his mom fished and it was passed onto him. As he told Matthew once, “It is called fishin’ not catchin’.” It has always been more about the process than the results… although it feels amazing when it is a great day of catchin’ fish.

Since 2011, my dad has referred to a song by Trace Adkins called “She thinks we are just fishin‘.” He often talked it about when my neice was little and would go visit the lake cabin. I made the comment this trip about Keaton and saying how he thinks they are just fishin’.

As I got home today and started to reflect, I realized I am the little girl in the song who for so long thought they were just fishin’. You see this week my mind was flooded with so many memories of fishing with not only my dad, but also my papa. I spent time with both fishin’…. Moments that at the time just seemed liked they let me come along, but moments now I realize were so much deeper… moments they spent time with me… moments that made me feel like I was the most important thing in their world.

In a time when the screens and the newest or brightest thing competes for the priority of our time, I am thankful my dad once again took the time to not only go fishin’ with me but also passing on the tradition to my son… this is the goodness of life that is often lost.

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