Dear Public School Parent (and Community), Part 2

Dear Public School Parent (and community), Part 2,

Almost a year ago I wrote a blog titled “Dear Public School Parent.” It came out of heartache and frustration of seeing public educators having to hold the weight of society on their shoulders… and while I think we all hoped we would not be here again… ok I will own it… I begged we wouldn’t be here… we are, and once again everyone is blaming educators for the concerns, problems, failures of our entire society,

I get it, I am a parent too. You are scared, concerned, frustrated. Guess what? So is every educator I know. Every educator I know (including nurses, officers, social workers, counselor, administrator) go to work each day trying to figure out what to do while many times their hands are tied behind their backs by state government. They are trying to be all things to all people without much support.

As much as we like to rest on the fact that we can do what we do each day, even late into the night, because we are here for students… I will let you in on a secret… your constant questioning, complaining, gripping gets to us. I don’t know anyone who got into this field to “make money.” We each strive to help students within the limits we are given.

Mandate masks, masks mandates are wrong, virtual learning is the only humane answer, virtual learning is is inhumane for kids, require vaccinations, you can’t require it… yes we are aware of both sides and all that is in between. We want to meet each need, but the reality is, that is not a reality. It is not a reality, because I truly believe this is not a public education problem, this is a society problem… yet we look to schools to fix it because we don’t know where else to go.

Before you post the next rant on facebook, or the tweet you hope goes viral… please think about the educators that are working right now… yep even at 8:30 pm. They are trying to figure out how to help students while keeping students and staff safe. They once again are working without any support from other forms of government. They once again are expected to be the answer… more like the scapegoat… for every problem in our society.

I don’t know about other educators, but I am a little discouraged right now. I give my best, yet it seems like our uphill run doesn’t have an end point. I know I will find my second wind… more like sixth or seventh because that is what educators do… but I think all of us could use a little more grace, understanding, and support… so before going to be social media warrior, I encourage you to send an email, letter, poney express note, to an educator you know to thank them and let them know you see them… you see their passion, effort, and care. While it might not seem much to you… it could mean everything to them.

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  1. I would go further and say that community members / parents should have open forums with school staff (principals, teachers, etc.). I think there’s a massive disconnect between what teachers do and what parents think they do. There’s also a disconnect from what teachers think parents are upset about vs. what’s really going on. Teachers should also avoid social media altogether when it comes to any sort of teaching-relevant content. Given the modern time of technology we should all have a division or self-contained concept of what social media is and what it is not. It is not the wider representation of the community.

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