Dear Skip Bayless,

Dear Skip Bayless,

It is clear you have no clue today is World Suicide Prevention Day, or that you even care. It is also clear you have no clue about mental health or suicide. It is clear you have no regard for the rate of suicide for men is 3.5 times higher than that of women or that it is the second leading cause of death in teens…

Today I was so encouraged by seeing the article about Dak Prescott being open about his struggle with depression and anxiety. In the same way Solomon Thomas has been open about his struggle and strength in seeking help after the suicide of a sibling (and huge shout out to the San Francisco 49ers and the way they have supported him), I thought just maybe we are making progress in helping the boys and men in our society see the strength of asking for help…

It is also clear you have not had someone you love kill themselves and be left with trying to move forward in the midst of so much pain, guilt, shame. It is clear you have not given the last 15 years of your life to helping others find hope in the darkness… It is clear you don’t work tireless trying to educate others just so one life can be spared.

No… what you said was telling boys (like my six year old son) you can struggle but don’t you dare tell anyone. You continued a narrative that has killed so many in our society because of the shame of seeking help. How dare you judge and critique when it costs you nothing. You exemplified toxic masculinity (and please know I shy away from using these words, but I have never seen such an example as what you said on FS1).

Sir have you walked through the night for suicide awareness because you don’t know what else to do with your pain? Have you walked 16 miles with others because you will do anything so others don’t have to feel the pain you have felt and you refuse for them to suffer in silence? Sir have you sat with a friend after her husband killed himself and you look at her young daughters? Sir have you stood in front of a high school having an honest discussion of how you ask for help and that it is ok… It is clear you have not done anything remotely like these things… because if you had, you would not have even thought of uttering the words you said.

I hope you realize how wrong you are and decide to educate yourself on mental health and seeking help because many listen to you and what you said will never save a life…. yet you have the opportunity to realize how wrong you are and have the potential to save a life….


Amy Grosso, PhD

Mom died by suicide 22 years ago and if I had not received counseling, there is no clue where I would be today… instead I have turned my grief into my life’s work.

If you are struggling there is no shame in asking for help. has great resources and you can always call 1-800-273-TALK or text 741-741.

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