Life lessons through fishing…

I grew up in a family where both sets of grandparents fished… it is just what we did. My paternal grandparents died much earlier than my maternal grandparents and most of my good memories of them involved fishing… including me getting a hook in my neck.

I spent so many hours with my maternal grandparents, mama and papa, and one of my favorite memories is a weekend with them fishing. No TV, phones, video games… time with them, a boat, an RV, and lots of fishing.

Some wonderful moments with my dad growing up were fishing. We would go to a little pond and spend a few hour fishing.

When my dad and stepmom bought a little cabin on a lake, little did I know it would be the place my husband fished for the first time! Since I grew up fishing, I just assumed everyone did. I do remember that day and the conversations he had with my dad. Matthew said something about not catching anything…. my dad replied, they call it fishing not catching…

We have been in Galveston this week at a house on the bay. My six year old from the start asked if papa (my dad) could take him fishing… so today they fished…. and it was not just a fishing day but also a catching day. And as I saw the excitement in my son’s face, I fought tears as 36 years of memories flooded my mind.

I don’t remember what I caught all those times with my dad or grandparents. What I do remember is the time they spent with me. In those times were life lessons I was too young to understand but looking back now I’m beyond grateful.

I’m thankful my dad is here to teach my son to fish and for them to experience his first catch… but more than that I’m thankful for the time and lessons he is gaining. In a life and society obsessed with success and achievement I’m glad he is learning the value in the fishing not just the catching.

One response to “Life lessons through fishing…”

  1. I do love the moments I was given with my brother and dad fishing. I cherish the moments I have with my children and look forward in taking my grandson one day on his first fishing trip.

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