The place with the most hope

It is easy to focus on the negativity in our world, especially our country. It is easy to feel like hope is hidden and the division between individuals is only getting wider. It is easy to stay trapped in the negative rhetoric that is on repeat in the media. It is easy to fall into despair.

This week has been one of the best weeks in my career life. On Monday I got to go hear an amazing author talk about how we can help our own kids and others not be afraid of failure. As I drove home late and exhausted from a long day, I was hopeful with the possibilities for not only my son, but others in our district.

Tuesday was the Round Rock ISD Kickoff! Over 6000 educators gathered to celebrate the work each of us do everyday to make sure all, and I mean ALL, students are not only educated but also loved and valued. I listened to a girl going into third grade talk with such wisdom “we are different, but we celebrate our differences… all of our hearts beat as one.” I cried with hope knowing this is the future.

Wednesday I spent the day presenting Bedrock Leadership to the Elementary DAEP. I was inspired by the passion and love these educators have for ALL students. They love and accept the students who are often labeled as “bad” or “difficult.” As I sat listening to them, I realized how I was watching the best of public education. I was hopeful because these educators are in the trenches each day making sure ALL children are valued.

Thursday was a day of presenting at the Round Rock ISD Math and Science Expo. All the secondary teachers that teach either math or science gathered for a day of learning and sharing. I was energized by their enthusiasm. They work each day to help ALL students receive a quality foundation in such important subjects. At the end of the day I left hopeful because these teachers give their all to students.

This morning I joined many others to pack school supplies. Thousands of school supply bags were assembled. The bag will be distributed on Sunday to any students needing supplies. I was overwhelmed with the number of volunteers, but also the amount of supplies that had been donated. As I gazed over a sea of bags, I was overwhelmed with the goodness that is all around us and I knew at that moment there is so much hope because of the love in that room.

We are in a time when many criticize public schools and claim they are failing. We are fighting at a federal and state level for critical dollars not to be taken away and yet the main reason I am hopeful in a time with so much sadness is because of public education. I go to work each day not just because it is my job, but because this is my passion… this is the place where I feel the most hope.

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