How to prepare for the AFSP Overnight…

In exactly eleven days I will join thousands of other people for the AFSP Overnight Walk in Washington, DC. We will walk 16-18 miles through the night. The walk starts at 8:00 pm after an opening ceremony and continues until the early hours. It is not a race. No times are kept and no one keeps up with who walks each mile, because it doesn’t matter. We are walking to bring suicide awareness and prevention out of the darkness and into the light. This will be my third walk and I am so excited! I started planning this walk as I was flying home last year from the walk in NYC.

This year our team has increased and I get to walk with so many new people. Although there are no words to describe the experience, there are a few tips I have learned the last two years I want to pass to those who will walk for the first time.

If you are not walking (or cheering) this year, please know you can still participate by donating to AFSP: Any amount is appreciated and is used to save lives.


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