Tonight is the night. 

Tonight I walk 16-18 miles. 

Tonight I remember the life of my mom.

Tonight I bring suicide awareness out of the dark.

Tonight I walk for others who have not found their voice.

Tonight I meet others on a similar journey.

Tonight I walk to #stopsuicide.

Tonight I stand as an example of someone who learned to live life after loosing a parent to suicude.

Tonight I say I will not be ashamed.

Tonight I walk to bring suicide out of the dark so others will not suffer. 

Tonight I am thankful for family and friends who have shown me more love than I can express.

Tonight I walk because I can.

Tonight I refuse to remain silent. 

Tonight I walk because I am tired of the shame, stigma, and bias against mental health. 

Tonight I love louder so others know this world might be cruel at times, but love does win.

Tonight I walk because our world needs more walking hand in hand, and less fighting, insulting, and hate. 

Tonight I walk to let others know they are not alone.

Tonight I walk because my mom can’t. 

Tonight is the night I walk the AFSP Overnight Walk in NYC!

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