Love Wins

This week started with me crying, more like weeping, to Matthew for almost an hour about the hate many in our country have for others, specifically Muslims. I cried thinking of some of our neighbors who are Muslim. I cried thinking of my trip to Turkey and how the Muslim people were some of the most hospitable people I had ever encountered. I cried thinking of dialogues I was fortunate to be part of while at Truett Seminary between Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Buddhist. I cried wondering how hate and ill-informed fear were having such a prominent voice. I cried wondering how to teach Keaton love in a world with so much hate. I cried because I didn’t feel like I could do enough.

The next morning I woke up to a text from my sister with a picture of an adorable baby. Her roommate from law school was visiting. She adopted a little boy a few years ago and recently decided to do foster to adopt. Two months ago she was called to pick up a baby that was dropped at a safe haven. The baby is going to be hers. I cried overwhelmed with the love she has for this child. I cried because of the goodness. I cried because of the love and life this child will now experience.

Every day we get a report emailed to us from Keaton’s school. This week he is learning about different holiday traditions. Monday he colored candles to celebrate Hanukah. Yesterday he painted a unity cup for Kwanza. He plays with children from different race, ethnicities, and beliefs. He plays and shares with them, he loves them. As I see such innocence and love, I cry because of the beauty, I cry because I wonder when it is lost.

Today as I avoided random fears and hate on Facebook I saw my alma mater, Baylor, a Baptist university, holding a gathering to show support for the Muslim students on campus. I saw pictures of students praying, hoping, and speaking for peace. I cry as I see such genuine love. I cry seeing the unity of the students. I cry seeing a university choosing love over hate. I see a generation of students learning that love is always the answer.

Although my heart still hurts because of those that hate and allow irrational fears to rule, I choose love. I choose to see the good. I choose to pass love onto others not hate.

I weep for the hate in our world. I weep for the ugliness. I weep for the love in the world. I weep for kindness. I weep with the hope that love does win. I weep knowing every day I can choose love over hate. That is power.

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