Keaton only knows life when Baylor football wins….

Today is one of the biggest games in Baylor football history. All of Baylor Nation is anxiously awaiting the big game against OU tonight. Since Keaton was born, Baylor has not only won football games, they have done so in a convincing fashion. As I told Keats this morning…. Baylor went from everyone wanting to play them for their homecoming, to people not wanting to play them at all. It is a new era in Baylor football!

As I sat feeding Keats this morning, I explained how special it is Baylor is doing so well this year. I tried to explain it has not always been this way. Yes, I know he is seven weeks old and is not really comprehending the enormity of the game today, but trust me, he was listening as Matthew and I dressed him in his Bear shirt and football socks.

Matthew’s favorite band is Lowen and Navarro… most people have not heard of them; I hadn’t until we started to date. They are most known for writing the song “We Belong,” that Pat Benatar made famous. Matthew has every album they ever recorded and their music often plays in our house. I am sad I will never get to see Lowen and Navarro in concert… Eric Lowen died a year ago from ALS.

Dan Navarro is touring solo and we were excited to go see him in Austin this last spring. It was the next best thing to seeing Lowen and Navarro. At the time, I was almost in my third trimester. The show was fantastic with the best part (from my perspective) being when he sang a song called Legacy. It was a song he wrote for his son. It touched me very much… especially one particular line… “wait until he realizes the lessons go on forever.” We were fortunate to get to talk with Dan Navarro after the show and I was able to express my appreciation for the song.

Keaton is struggling with reflux and a milk allergy. One day when it was not a good day, I was walking around with him crying and clearly struggling. I felt beyond helpless. I could do nothing to stop his reflux… all I could do was hold him and love him. I realized this was the first of many lessons that will go on forever for both of us. This lesson like many more to come, I won’t be able to automatically fix. I will have to watch him struggle through things and all I can do is be present with him.

I have to believe my being present is enough right now. I honestly can’t believe anything else since I can’t automatically make him better. Keaton hasn’t had much experience in his life. He hasn’t known life when the Bears don’t win… I hope he never knows life when his mom is not present for his struggles.

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