Amy Bigbee Grosso is wildly passionate about mental health education, suicide prevention, and boundaries. She grew up in a small town in West Texas and now resides outside of Austin, TX with her husband, son, and rescue pittie. She considers herself a recovering perfectionist and a thriver with anxiety.

Her career has been a winding road including stops as a mental health counselor, hospital chaplain, working with transfer students at a small college, grant writer, and we can’t forget about a summer as a bank teller! As those were her jobs, her journey in life has always centered on trying to live an authentic life which includes being open about the impact of her mom’s suicide when she was 19 on her. It also includes Amy speaking openly about the need for boundaries in life more than self-care.

The “official” work bio: “Dr. Amy Grosso is the Director of Behavioral Health Services at Round Rock ISD, a large suburban district with 48,000 students. Dr. Grosso completed her Ph.D. in Counseling and Counselor Education at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She started her career as a mental health counselor with Wake Forest Baptist Health. Dr. Grosso created the Behavioral Health Services Department for Round Rock ISD including the hiring and oversight of a team of social workers providing tier-three services to students and families. In addition, she implemented the first-ever staff social worker to ensure support of staff. Dr. Grosso also assisted in establishing the Round Rock ISD Police Department and specifically designed how social workers work in conjunction with police officers. Dr. Grosso also serves on the National Chapter Leadership Council of American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. She co-authored the book Schoolwide Collaboration for Transformative Social Emotional Learning that came out in August 2021.

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